Converged Networks

GlobeTech offers ideal package for your network security requirements. GlobeTech security professionals will evaluate the critical areas of your organization. This will help you to find practical ways to enable your business and secure your information systems GlobeTech will provide you with proven security solutions from leading security companies’ .will help you in selecting products that provide the best functionality to meet your needs at the most reasonable price. , we will provide you high quality support to ensure that critical business system like email remains operation

Wireless Infrastructure:

Globe tech can offer you a quick and convenient method of expanding your existing network or creating a new wireless local area network to your office or building. Our systems offer a fast wire free alternative to conventional copper cabling ideal for various applications such as Hot Desking, Open area presentations and areas where conventional cabling is difficult to cable too. Globe tech offers a number of services to ensue the deployment of the optimum wireless networking solutions.

Part of our service include: wireless surveys Installations: commissioning. Globe tech will setup the wireless network to ensure maximum overage with the minimum of interference between wireless cells. Globe Tech will advise on the enabling of the wireless access points security features to ensure that the network is only available to those with authored access. Globe tech can also offer laser link installations this can offer high speed building to building wire free links operating at between 1 and 155mbps in Point to Point with a range of up to 10 km subject to a clear line of sight. For corporate users and organizations with multiple facilitate laser bit systems offer economical and highly effective solution to establish expand or replace their communication networks

Active components

Glob tech partners with multiple active components vendors to provide best networking solution to its customers. Globe tech undertakes design, installation & maintenance of active components like routers, switches, servers, racks.