We deliver Disaster Recoveries on individual servers and entire networks, ensuring our customers have


complete business continuity.

Service we provide

  • Data storage centres – providing a totally managed failover solution if it was ever to occur
  • Daily back-ups – all data is backed up daily and uses fail-over technology. In the event of a disaster your data will be restored effortlessly
  • Email Recovery – our service provides clients with a live recovery mail server located at the business continuity centre
  • Data centre Recovery
  • Network Recovery

On-line back up service

This service provides a fully automated and highly secure off-site backup solution for all your critical data.

  • We provide reliable back-up systems should the experience the worst
  • Be up and running within minutes regardless of the impact
  • Total piece of mind for your business and clients
  • Expert consultancy with putting contingency plans in place
  • Provide a flexible solution that can be adapted to individual client’s needs

Real Time Data back-up

We use our software to replicate data as it is created so if there is a disaster we can deliver a system that enables full recovery of the latest data in the shortest possible time.

  • Eliminates data loss
  • 100% consistent data
  • Reduces downtime

How your business Benefits

  • Servers and databases are automatically backed up every night to off-site data storage facilities
  • Data is encrypted so that it remains confidential
  • Restores available at the press of a button
  • Improved Data Security

Risk Assessment

We carry out a risk analysis and business impact analysis that includes a range of possible disasters, including natural, technical and human threats. Each area of your business is analyzed to determine the potential consequence and impact associated with several disaster scenarios.

Free Audit

We offer a free audit of implementing a disaster recover plan to undertake a full audit of your infrastructure and business requirements.

If you wind up buying something which isn’t suitable then you might end up spending more money than you originally did and that isn’t ever a good thing.