it-philosophyIn too many businesses, the IT function and those running the business, not only work on different floors, but often speak completely different languages.GlobeTech Communication is about providing a business-centric approach to IT, aligning the IT strategy to the business goals. This means that our philosophy is to help companies benefit from new technologies so that their IT systems do not stand in the way of their stated business objectives, but are enablers and facilitators.

In addition, we believe that the IT function needs to understand how these objectives change. Acquisitions are made, offices are moved, people and processes change. Only through regular communication with our clients can we ensure that we are constantly recommending the right solution for your business.

Just like any strategic decisions that need to be taken, your IT is about assessing options and making decisions. The technology options presented a company all come with differing levels of investment and varying benefits. But not decision can be made unless they are fully understood. We talk about IT investment not just in terms of the business benefits it brings, but in terms of risks to the business that a particular option might imply, both now and in the future. Poor IT decisions can lead to serious business harm.

IT is an exciting world in which to operate a business. New technologies appear all the time, which presents both opportunities and challenges. It may be an opportunity to offer clients a new service at a lower cost than was previously possible. It is certainly a challenge to make sure we are up-to-speed and our research team are constantly assessing the impact of new products in the real business world. By being vendor-neutral, we are in a position to make independent assessments that our clients can trust.

One of the latest terms to hit the world of technology is cloud computing. Some say this is a return to mainframe computing of a generation ago, where space was rented on large, centrally managed, servers. Others say that operating a business in the cloud presents dangers to the reliability and security of a business’s IT infrastructure. We believe that this is a simply a new term for a something that has been happening for a while: we call it “hosting“. Whether you have your applications hosted in a data centre, data backed up externally or entire desktops hosted so that users access their information remotely.

What never changes in the world of technology, however, is the level of support and service that businesses, and their end users, require. From resolving IT incidents to change requests, we firmly believe that unless technology is not support well, it is ineffective.

What does this all mean for your business?, Quite simply that for a company’s IT function to meet its requirement to be up-to-speed on both the business strategy and latest technologies, while supporting the users efficiently, is becoming almost impossible without a team of maybe 5 or 10 full time IT staff. And for any business with less than 300 people, this is not an economic reality.

This is why businesses are turning to GlobeTech Communication to provide the enterprise level solutions they require, made affordable for mid-market and growing businesses.

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